Alvin “AJ” Spitzner is an IT specialist at a factory in Butts county. He works third shift and knows what it is like for your plant to close down. AJ worked at a newton county factory before this job, until that plant just closed it’s doors with only a 1 month notice. He understands what you lose when you lose a job. Income is only one of the losses you experience when your company closes unexpectedly. You lose Healthcare and the security that your family depends on. The mad dash to replace these things can mean taking a shift that makes it hard to spend time with family and friends. It can mean taking a pay-cut that makes it difficult to pay your mortgage.
There has to be a better way. A way forward that gives the average person a chance to achieve that far too elusive American dream. Hard-working Georgians deserve jobs that provide the opportunity to feed our families, buy homes, and take care of our children when they are sick.

AJ believes that with a few less hurdles, Georgians can attain these simple goals all too often just out of reach for those of us in the 10th district. It’s time for one of us to go to Washington and tell them what Georgia needs.¬†I’m Alvin “AJ” Spitzner and, with your help, I’m going to Washington to fight for you!

Let’s move the 10th District¬†FORWARD TOGETHER